Staffing Solutions...

National Recruitment:

Vela Personnel is a generalist Human Resources and Recruitment company servicing our clients with: Some of our ongoing outsourced HR & IR related short-term projects include:

International Recruitment:

Vela Personnel makes it possible for international organisations to have access to highly skilled professional candidates as well as candidates that are exploring the job market

Value-added Services

  • Whilst being a generalist company, we offer specialised services through our networking partners
  • We are Cost Effective and Transparent
  • Continuous Client and Candidate Support - through our technology-based systems we are able to concentrate
         on relationship building, offering both clients and candidates advice and education on job / HR related matters
  • We are highly flexible and adaptable to trends and market changes, and our current structure allows us to do this swiftly and with ease
  • Weekly and bi-monthly monitoring and evaluation of placed candidates
  • Collaborative reporting structures designed to meet client requirements and tailored client satisfaction surveys