Matla Basadi (Empowering Women)

Our Female Career Development Course founded in 2018

The empowering of women is a fundamental ambition of Vela Personnel. The upliftment and economic liberation of women is not an ideal to us, it is our goal to make this the norm

Evidence has revealed that women make up more than 50 % of the impoverished population in SADC and this problem can only be addressed through specifically targeted programs aimed at alleviating this poverty through sustainable development. The economic independence of women is vital to counteract systemic socio-economic issues such as exploitation, discrimination and enables the upholding of their basic human rights. Women also spend a higher proportion of their income on the overall wellbeing of their families, which includes providing education and essentials, further economically debilitating them.   Gender equality therefore contributes directly to the reduction of poverty

Many female graduates face significant obstacles to entering the workplace, discrimination and bias is still apparent in the recruitment processes of many major companies in the industry

We are dedicated to the empowering of women from disadvantaged communities through the tool of educational advancement. We recognize the need for practical skills, mentoring and networking opportunities. This course provides qualifying candidates with focused and tailored exercises that assess their strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge, and aims to improve on any deficiencies

This strategic framework was built to close the gap for female graduates and is aimed at equipping them with competitive strengths, boosting confidence at job interviews and enabling them to successfully contend in the modern workforce. Advantageous topics that the program covers include tactical interviewing skills, managing personal objectives, navigating competency-based interviewing, avoiding common interviewing mistakes, understanding the unique selling points of your application and using them to gain a competitive advantage

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